MRR (Master Resell Rights):

Happiness Overflow – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Happiness is a highly wanted state for most people but it remains to be a lifelong quest for everyone. No one can just claim
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Guide to Affirmations – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Affirmations, truly, are simple. They’re you being in conscious command of your thoughts. They are brief, mighty statements. If you say them or think
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Gathering the Good – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! “Prevention is better than cure” – This is a famous and apt proverb for bad habits. Thus, it is always better to prevent them
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Discovering Your Passion – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Developing Your Life by Pinpointing Your Passion A lot of us meander through life not truly recognizing what we were meant to accomplish. Rather
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Command Your Life And Mind – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Self Control touches on almost all aspects of happy and healthy living; exercising, eating right, avoiding alcohol and drugs, working harder, studying more and
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Christ Consciousness – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! What is Christ Consciousness? These questions are always in the mind of those people who want to enter the world of spirituality. Jesus Christ
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