Ghosts / Hauntings:

The Phantom World – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! In this 599-page ebook (The Phantom World: The History & Philosophy of Spirits & Apparitions; two volumes in one), you will read in-depth the
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Real Ghost Stories – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Ghosts, spirits, apparitions … the reality of the “Invisibles” is no longer a speculation. The spirits of the departed, given the right conditions, can
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Historic Ghosts & Ghost Hunters – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Psychical research may be roughly yet sufficiently described as an effort to determine by strictly scientific methods the nature and significance of apparitions, hauntings,
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19 Classic Ghost Stories – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Does Man survive death? Are ghosts real? Are spirits really trying to communicate with us? After reading this collection of 19 classic ghost stories,
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