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Strange Visitors: Dictated Through a Clairvoyant
The phenomena of ghosts or apparitions are thought by many to be mere illusions, and by some attributed to peculiar electrical conditions; while others seek their solution in an abnormal state of the brain; and others still believe them to be those who have passed beyond the grave.

Assuming the hypothesis that spirits of the departed were in a condition to communicate with mortals, the author of this 187-page book interrogates, through the instrumentality of a clairvoyant gifted with the remarkable power of passing at will into an unconscious or trance state, the spirits of a number of well-known deceased individuals concerning their views and sentiments in their present state of existence.

The process by which the papers were given was that of dictation through the clairvoyant while in an abnormal or trance condition and with her eyes closed. The matter was written in pencil as it fell from her lips, and subsequently transcribed. For weeks and months the unseen visitors were punctual to their appointments.


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