Affirmations For Success – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! A Guide to empowering and motivating yourself to achieve success with daily affirmations … Positive affirmations as a means of thinking may help an
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Spiritual Mantras – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! From ancient times until present time, spiritual mantras have been something of a fascination for those who are vaguely familiar with the term, while
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Yin Yang Balance – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Achieve health, wealth and body balance through Yin Yang Mastery. Carved on the old stone drums of the Republic of China, inscribed in books
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Mantra Mastery – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! In the eBook, readers will get to know about mantras and how to use them to enrich the qualities of their lives. There are
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Karma Crash Course – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Simple techniques for maintaining good Karma and living a happy life … When unexplainable things happen most people claim it to be karma, destiny
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Enneagram Essentials – $2.50

Master Resell Rights Included! Explore the power of Enneagrams and discover your true nature … The enneagram is one of the most powerful tools in self discovery and
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