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7 Health Reports: Herbal Remedies For Acid Reflux
Here’s a great little package for anyone working in the health niche, and an even niftier package for anyone servicing those who are working in the health niche.

Here’s What You Get In This Complete Health Package:

HOT Health Niche #1

Arthritis Joint Pain: What It Is And What To Do About It
19 pages, 5,210 words

Arthritis Joint Pain
Traditional Arthritis Pain Management
Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

HOT Health Niche #2

Blood Pressure Health: Lower Your Blood Pressure For A Healthy Heart
14 pages, 3,294 words

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure
Heart Disease & High Blood Pressure
Can Anxiety Affect Your Blood Pressure?
Blood Pressure Ranges
How To Take Your Own Blood Pressure
Combating The Silent Killer
Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies

HOT Health Niche #3

Colon Cleanse: What You Need To Know
14 pages, 3,836 words

Some Colon Basics
What is A Colon Cleanse?
Detoxify Your Body: Colon Cleansing Explained
Cleanse Your Colon For A Boost In Health
Colon Cleansing Is Preventative Health Care
Should You Use A Homemade Colon Cleanse?
Colon Cleansing And Bacteria
The Best Colon-Cleansing Diet
Is Colon Cleansing For You?

HOT Health Niche #4

Diabetes 2: How Changing Your Lifestyle Can Give You Control Over This Dreaded Disease
14 pages, 3,321 words

What is Diabetes
How Diabetes Works
Diabetes Symptoms
Diabetes Type 2
Controlling Diabetes Type 2

HOT Health Niche #5

Herbal Remedies For Acid Reflux
11 pages, 3045 words

Acid Reflux Facts
Herbal Treatments
Specific Remedies For Acid Reflux
Additional Teas

HOT Health Niche #6

The Top 10 Ways To Quit Smoking
13 pages, 3,742 words

Nicotine Patches
Nicotine Inhalers
Nicotine Gum
Laser Therapy
Stop Smoking Medication: Zyban
Live Naturally
Join A Support Group
The Quit Smoking Action Plan
Cold Turkey

HOT Health Niche #7

Food Allergies: What You Need To Know
13 pages, 4,347 words

The Danger of A Food Allergy
Warning Signs
Testing For A Food Allergy
Types of Food Allergies
A Milk Allergy
A Peanut Allergy
A Fish Allergy
A Soy Allergy
A Wheat Allergy
An Egg Allergy
A Tree Nut Allergy
A Shellfish Allergy

Each report comes with a report cover (small, medium and large), plus its own landing page and a thank you / download page.


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