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The Psychic Self Defense Strategy
How to shield yourself against psychic attacks and live free … Do you feel weakness and extreme fatigue after spending time with somebody? Do you experience something uncomfortable after you listen to someone who has a big personal problem? These are the probable symptoms of power contamination. Luckily, you could eliminate and do some measures to prevent them. This ebook is meant to provide everything you need to have a stronger and more competent mind.

Being strong is not only all about your physical power. Toughness is also connected with the mind and it means that when you are strong, you possess adequate mental strength. Having a strong and healthy mind could help you a lot in achieving the dreams and goals you have.

Positive affirmations or statements are the confirmations that you tell to yourself whether internally or out loud to provide help in reinforcing a belief. Using positive affirmations is highly recommended by health experts for those people who suffer from too much stress, depression, anxiety, self-confidence issues and panic

Following the tips in this ebook will help you fight the negative energies that surround you. Make your psychological aspect strong enough and do these practices to encourage more positive energy instead of the negative ones. Always remember that warding off the negative energy is one of the most important parts of the psyche self-defense strategy.


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