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How to Get Rid of a Toothache Naturally
What causes a toothache? There could be several factors at play where the pain of the tooth itself is merely a
manifestation of some other underlying issue. You don’t appreciate it at this moment but your teeth are your body’s warning system that something is wrong. This can range from something as simple as hypersensitivity in teeth which cause them to react strongly to hot or cold liquids but with hypersensitivity it can even cause teeth to react strongly to cold drafts or excess dampness or moisture in the air.

Over 40 million adults in the US alone (it’s estimated that this proportion applies to the general population) suffer from tooth sensitivity due in part to the poor diet of our day. If you find your teeth becoming increasing reactive to hot and cold liquids and foods then it’s a good chance you have sensitive or hypersensitive teeth. This can also be an after effect of the tooth whitening process as the chemical bleach preparation applied to the teeth is acidic and weakens the protective tooth enamel layer increasing the risk of tooth decay and demineralization. This is why so many people feel that their teeth became noticeably more sensitive and brittle after whitening.

The leading cause of tooth loss in American adults over the age of 35 is poor gum health (periodontal disease), staggeringly it is estimated that a massive 75% of this group have some form of gum disease and that 60% knew nothing about proper dental care with 39% not attending the dentist regularly. It’s no wonder why people experience tooth loss and tooth related ailments more now than ever before due to poor diet from high sugar, refined foods, stressful lifestyle and the lack of education of proper dental hygiene.

We under estimate just how important our gums are because it’s the gums that hold the teeth firmly in place acting as a support anchor to keep teeth in their socket, once tartar takes hold it shrinks the gums causing them to recede and pull back from the teeth, food gets into the little pockets as a result of the gum shrinkage. The lodged food attracts bacteria causing infection deep within the gum line, this in turn eats away at and shrinks the surrounding bone mass which is needed to firmly anchor the tooth. This is what causes the teeth to become loose, if left untreated tooth loss eventually follows. Unless blunt force trauma occurs, tooth loss is a very gradual process over time where intervention can prevent the condition from worsening.

In this ebook, you’ll discover 20 natural treatments that have been highly effective in the treatment of toothache pain while helping to reduce infection. Some remedies outlined here offer relief within an hour while others take effect within a few hours of application. These remedies are for pain relief only and do not replace the need for a good dentist. There are several natural remedies using things you already have around your home that can provide pain relief for your toothache. Because these are natural they leave no known side effects and are easy to implement. These remedies may seem like hocus pocus potions but they really do work.

Tooth loss doesn’t have to be a fact of life; you don’t have to accept that it’s inevitable with age. As you’ll learn in this ebook, the best remedies come straight out of nature’s own kitchen — the best methods that were discovered thousands of years ago still work today.


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