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Natural Numerology
Learn how your numbers can change your life … Numerology is defined in various ways, and it depends on the culture or tradition of the person that defines it. However, there is one thing that you should know about numerology — if you want to examine your life or you simply want to figure out the next event in your life, numerology is one of the best tools you can use. It also presents a whole picture which reveals all your personality’s diverse parts and on how they can be combined together to form your personality today. With the help of numerology, you will be able to bring out your hidden strengths.

In numerology, every letter in the alphabet has an equivalent number. In Hebrew, it is called gematia. According to some books about numerology, associating numbers to letters is an old method and many historians believe that this method is a great way to know the things behind one’s name or personality.

Based from various resources about numerology, the equivalent number of letters may vary and it depends on the tradition they follow. Oftentimes, many people count the letters in the alphabet and they add all the digits together to obtain a number which would represent the letter. Several people also consider that numerology is the forefather of mathematics, which makes it analogous to the study of astronomy, astrology, chemistry or alchemy.

But, how accurate is numerology? Why do some people believe in it? Is it beneficial or tells the truth about you? Numerology is quite complicated for some. It is natural for you to have questions, but once you have understood everything about it, you will know how it works and how numbers are calculated.

The whole concept of numerology started when Pythagoras, the father of geometry, connect everything to numbers. He even stated that each person has its own specific personality and unique vibration. Pythagoras is also the one who divided the soul of human to nine types, and these numbers are still used in the modern society.

Numerology, when compared to some divination methods, constantly moves and uses the magnetic energy of the earth. Since the soul is just one of the parts of the universe, the numbers are symbols which would help you translate the world around you.

In this ebook, you will gain a lot of knowledge about numerology and you’ll know why some rely on its concepts. Each person has several numbers which can work as codes. If these numbers were deciphered, you will learn about destiny, karma, spiritual, emotional, and personality influences.

Table Of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1:
  • Chapter 2:
    Numerology Basics
  • Chapter 3:
    Where Did Numerology Come From?
  • Chapter 4:
    Your Birth (or Destiny) Number
  • Chapter 5:
    Name (or Expression) Number
  • Chapter 6:
    Breaking Down the Expression Number Further
  • Chapter 7:
    Does Your Love Life Add Up?
  • Chapter 8:
    What Is A Diet Of Number Vibrations
  • Chapter 9:
    Possible Connection With Bones in the Human Spinal Column
  • Wrapping Up:
    The Astrology of Numerology


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