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Yin and Yang Polarities
Learn about the healing art of Yin and Yang … Yin and Yang is a popular ancient Chinese concept of two complementary forces in the universe, which work hand in hand, to produce positive energy.

Simply put, one force is positive or otherwise referred to as masculine while the other is negative or otherwise referred to as feminine. Neither is preferred or is better than the other, and both are highly desirable elements when it exists in perfect harmony and balance.

The yin and yang concept is applied in many areas with successful results. One such area is in the practice of the Chinese classic medicine field. The harmonious energies and functioning of the various organs and body parts working together is the reason optimum health is achieved. Loosely explained the right balance of negative and positive must achieve the psychic equilibrium in the quest for good health and longevity. Thus learning and practicing the concept behind the yin and yang term is most beneficial to the perfect co existence of any entity.

This ebook includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1:
    Introduction To Yin And Yang
  • Chapter 2:
    Yin And Yang Can Be Used In Medicine
  • Chapter 3:
    Practicing Yin And Yang
  • Chapter 4:
    Yin, Yang And Physical Illness
  • Chapter 5:
    Emotional Healing
  • Chapter 6:
    Mental Healing
  • Chapter 7:
    Spiritual Healing
  • Chapter 8:
    Yin And Yang Healing Sessions
  • Chapter 9:
    Getting Information
  • Chapter 10:
    The Drawbacks To Not Understanding Yin And Yang
  • Wrapping Up


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