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Lessons in Gnani Yoga
This eBook gives you a plain, practical and simple exposition of the great truths of this world-old philosophy — endeavoring to express in plain simple terms the greatest truths known to man on earth today, the Yogi Philosophy. We hope that our work opens up new worlds of thought to you, aiding you in casting off the old material sheaths that have bound you for so long, and unfolding the beautiful blossom of Spirituality.

The Yogi Philosophy may be divided into several great branches, or fields.

  • What is known as “Hatha Yoga” deals with the physical body and its control; its welfare; its health; its preservation; its laws, etc.
  • What is known as “Raja Yoga” deals with the Mind; its control; its development; its unfoldment, etc.
  • What is known as “Bhakti Yoga” deals with the Love of the Absolute — God.
  • What is known as “Gnani Yoga” deals with the scientific and intellectual knowing of the great questions regarding Life and what lies back of Life–the Riddle of the Universe.

We present to you, the Student, an opportunity to delve more deeply into the lessons of Gnani Yoga, the Yoga of Wisdom….

252 Pages.


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