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The Secrets to Looking & Feeling Younger
There is little mystery about it. We have evolved to the point where we live in a genetically evolved body that can withstand the ravages of time as no other point in known history. Yet, we ingest foods that constantly attack the immune system. We pour tons of fat down our throats. We sit behind computers all day with little or no exercise. Then, we become concerned when our bodies finally fight back.

You ARE what you eat. There are over 13.5 million Americans alive today who have a history of heart attacks, angina or a combination of both. 50% of them are age 60 or older and 83% who die of heart attacks are 65 or more. Today, many doctors rank fat intake right up there with smoking for leading cause of death. What can you do about? Plenty.

It’s never too late to flip the hourglass and start over. While we can’t always remodel an outdated house or body, we can take steps to see that we take full advantage of every day we have remaining.

In this ebook we will explore low and no cost methods you can use to help in the anti-aging process. Some of our material may be new and some serve as reminders of things we may have forgotten. We may not have had much say in how we arrived on this earth, but we can certainly determine how and when we will depart.

Just remember, YOU are in control.


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