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Sleeping Sanctuary: Salvation For the Sleep Deprived
This eBook is your ultimate guide to sleeping, napping, resting and restoring your energy … Most of us sleep only because we have to. We sleep because we cannot stay awake all 24 hours in the day. Instead of sleep being something that we need to keep our bodies charged and maintain our health and well-being, most of us regard it as an obligation, something that nature has ordained us to do and hence we have to follow it.

However, this is definitely not the view held by the several health experts, meditation and spiritual gurus, and sleep counselors. According to these people, one should not sleep out of compulsion. Just like how we spend a significant part of the day in planning and preparing our meals, sleep needs to be planned as well. It is not enough just to have a nice bedroom with a cozy bed to sleep in.

Sleep patterning is a concept that is becoming quite popular in recent times. Health experts tell people that they have to maintain regular sleep patterns if they want to ensure that their health is in top condition. This is not done as easily as one thinks. Planning is needed. It is also important to make sleep a part of our lifestyle. Or, to put it better, we should create a lifestyle in which sleep is given its due prominence. It is only when we are able to do that that we can unleash the tremendous healing effects of sleep. Yes, sleep does have healing benefits, and, as most people think, these healing benefits aren’t just confined to our psychological state; they also pour out into our physical being. Good sleep is needed for our mental as well as physical enhancement.

In this eBook, Sleep Sanctuary: Salvation for the Sleep-Deprived, we are going to deal with three important aspects:

  • Why is sleep important to our well-being? This will be followed by several discussions on why we just cannot do without the right amount of sleep in our lives.
  • Why do some people have sleep problems and why these problems are becoming more acute in recent times? Here we shall talk about problems such as sleep apnea, insomnia, restlessness and other problems that keep us away from getting adequate amounts of sleeps. The focus will be on present times, because today we are sleeping less than ever before. This is bringing in its wake a host of problems, and one of the reasons why we are visiting a lot more doctors today than before is because we do not sleep well.
  • What can we do to improve our sleep patterns? This is the most important part of the eBook and you will find the information strewn throughout. With several illustrations, tips and strategies, I shall endeavor to tell you what we can do to improve our sleep patterns, especially in today’s sleep-deprived times.

Our nervous system, our digestive system and the ability of our body to repair itself are all dependent on our sleep cycles being consistent and regular. When we deprive our body of sleep, we inhibit our brains ability to make decision, our emotional responses to situations may be compromised, and even how we interact socially may be affected. Sleep is as necessary for our health as eating and drinking is. This eBook will help you to plan to live a lifestyle in which sleep gets its due importance.


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