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Meditation Mastery, Vol. 2: Mindfulness Meditation
What is Mindfulness Meditation? In this ebook, we will take you to a journey on how to find the tranquility you’ve always wanted using a great power called Mindfulness Meditation.

Meditation is defined as a state of mind in which you focus on a certain object that enables you to practice your attention in a single thing – something like a word or a phrase, a geometrical figure, a candle flame, or simple actions such as inhale and exhale. We all experience a stressed environment; the source could most probably come from work, family issues or social interactions with individuals you meet. This technique allows you to find different methods and practices to assist you finding your inner peace within yourself. A lot of various schemes are available to aid finding such harmony and serenity, but with Mindfulness Meditation, you will embark in things that relatively have something to do with your cognitive perception. It’s a cognitive condition per say because it has been proven scientifically that the stress you encounter within the torments and agony of life has nothing to do with you but how your mind responds on these phenomenal things.

Through Mindfulness Meditation, our mind starts to think less and focus on a single detail creating calmness, therefore: Making our heart decrease its rate; Lowering our blood pressure in normal and moderately hypertensive individuals; Recovering fast from stress; Increasing in Alpha rhythms; Enhancing synchronizations of the right and left hemispheres of the brain; Reducing cholesterol levels; Decreasing on consumption of energy and need for oxygen; Deepening and slower breathing; Relaxing of muscles; Reducing the intensity of pain; Increases exercise tolerance; Increasing the chance of prevention to asthmatic diseases; Harmonizing the endocrine system; Producing lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical activity.

If you have been practicing Mindfulness Meditation, you would notice that your health is gradually improving. This is because your mind now knows how take things slowly and adopts to certain downfall situations, letting your body interact to what your mind tells. The energy you now possess is being converted to greater vitality and decreases health risk causing negative energies you found from daily living.

Mindfulness Meditation offers a power that would take you beyond your limitations cognitively, physically, and spiritually, it will take time to master the different techniques. All you have to do is maintain to achieve proper practice, and when you do, you will thank yourself in letting Mindfulness Meditation enter your life.


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