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Feng Shui Fortunes
Learn how to develop financial freedom and life-long happiness! Feng shui can help in selecting the most suitable and fruitful location for you. This Chinese system of geomancy believed one can improve life by receiving positive qi. It uses the laws of both Heaven (Chinese astronomy) and Earth. Feng shui was widely used to orient buildings, and other structures, for example tombs — spiritual structures.

Feng shui is more than 3500 years old and the Chinese star map has actually proved this very fact. It has Dragon and Tiger asterisms and also Beidou the Big Dipper, also known as the Ladle or Bushel. It was situated through the north-south pole. It was found in a 4000 BC old grave at Puyang.

Feng shui has some other influences too, it is not only about keeping certain things inside our house for improving our financial situation, but feng shui can also be done in our wallet to improve our financial status. Feng shui helps us to improve the inflow of cash. Your home and your office both should be have positive vibration. Your personal energy is connected to both your residence and workplace.

Everything affects our life, position of our house, surrounding environment, nearest water body etc. Feng shui works on qi. Qi is the main energy. Practitioners of feng shui believe that what we wear, what color things we use also encourage positive or negative qi. Positive qi helps in growth the same as negative qi creates obstacles.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1:
  • Chapter 2:
    Where Did Feng Shui Start
  • Chapter 3:
    Feng Shui Your Wallet for Financial Freedom
  • Chapter 4:
    Feng Shui Tips to Help You Advance Your Career and Make More Money
  • Chapter 5:
    What the Color of Your Wallet Says About Your Wealth
  • Chapter 6:
    Meaning of Colors
  • Chapter 7:
    Use the Feng Shui Five-Element Color Cycle to Change Your Life
  • Chapter 8:
    Meaning of Symbols
  • Chapter 9:
    Decorating Tips for Wealth
  • Wrapping Up:
    Decorating Tips for Happiness


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