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A Mindful Moment
Meditation: What, How, and Why? This book teaches you the benefits of meditation, how it works, how to find the time to practice it, as well as three quick and easy, relatively effortless techniques that get your personal meditation practice off on the right foot.

Meditation is all about actively triggering your mind’s internal relaxation processes. Meditation, when stripped down to its essentials is really all about rediscovering the internal processes and mental machinery you already have to achieve a deep state of relaxation. If you focus on what you think about, and what you choose to perceive in any given second, you’d be surprised as to how much information actually flows through your mind.

With meditation and stronger control over your thought processes and their impact on your emotions, you will be able to finally stop letting your emotions get the better of you. All that you can control in your life is the present moment. The past is the past. The future has yet to happen. So, this means that the only thing we have total control over is how we think and respond to the present moment. When you practice meditation, you boost your mental focus and your confidence. This leads to you becoming a more patient person. Regardless of whatever is challenging you right now, you’re not going to let it get the better of you. Instead, you’re going to focus on your plan. By using meditation to enable you to focus on the hard and necessary now, you set yourself up for greater and greater future rewards.


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