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Curing Premenstrual Tension Naturally
For many millions of women all over the world, misery and irritability are a monthly fact of life, something that they have to live with month after month after month. However, what most of these women perhaps don’t know is that whilst premenstrual tension (PMT) or premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is suffered by as many as three out of every four ladies, it is not necessary to suffer anywhere near as much as they do.

Although the number who suffer premenstrual problems as a chronic condition every month is mercifully small at somewhere around 2-5% of all sufferers, it is nevertheless a fact that for many women, PMT or PMS is a blight on their live every month that they could well do without. In truth, there are plenty of entirely natural things that women can do to limit the worst symptoms associated with PMT or even get rid of them altogether and of course, because we are talking of completely natural solutions here, there is very little possibility of adverse side-effects either.

In addition to the dietary changes advocated in this eBook, there are several herbal remedies and solutions that you can take which many women find helpful for alleviating the more severe symptoms of PMS. As you may know, many women who are suffering from PMS are prescribed Prozac, but in certain Western European countries, there is a totally natural alternative to Prozac that is in fact prescribed more regularly than the drug itself.

All over the world, there are countless thousands of women suffering premenstrual syndrome who really do not need to do so. However, as suggested in this eBook, turning to pharmaceutical drugs to deal with PMS is not an ideal solution, particularly when there are many perfectly natural solutions which are extremely effective.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is premenstrual tension?
  • What causes PMS?
  • How is PMS diagnosed?
  • How does medicine deal with PMS?
  • Other ‘across the counter’ treatments
  • Dietary considerations for dealing with PMS
  • Herbal remedies for PMS
  • Exercise to combat the worst of PMS
  • Other well known ways of relaxing
  • Meditation to help overcome PMS
  • Deep breathing
  • Acupuncture for relaxation, stress and pain relief
  • Aromatherapy for taking the stress out of life
  • Conclusion


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