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Brainstorming: The Dynamic New Way to Create Successful Ideas
In this 240-page ebook, you’ll learn all about creativity. I can think of no finer way to enrich a person’s life than to stimulate him to a greater use of his creative talents. The ability to be creative—in which the techniques of “brain-storming” play such an important part—is largely a state of mind. It is a state of mind that we all can cultivate.

Creative ability includes the tendency to experiment with novel ideas that might be unsound. It includes a good deal of the gambler’s spirit where the individual “sticks his neck out” and tries something new, perhaps even “wild” or “crazy.” The creative man is flexible, able to drop one line of thinking and easily take up another one. Also, he has a quality that has been described as constructive discontent, a certain restlessness of mind, searching for new and better ways of doing things.

So I am delighted to have the honor of suggesting to you that this book will make life a bit better for you and for all who are affected by your life and occupation. At work, at home, in groups or alone, “brainstorming” is fun and is valuable. The main idea to get from a book such as this, however, is that the human brain is a wonderful, fantastic, unbelievable instrument—and one that we can use constantly for the betterment of mankind!


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