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UFOs and Aliens
For those interested in the UFO phenomena, here you find extensive information on the following:

  • ET Contact: Evidence and Implications.
  • Aliens: Angels or Demons.
  • Human and ET Common History.
  • 70 Years of Research.
  • Abducted!
  • All About Mars.
  • Aurora.
  • Canadian Sighting.
  • Celestial Arks.
  • GAO Investigation.
  • The Grand Conspiracy.
  • The Great Deception.
  • Leap Into Space.
  • Light-Ships, Black Holes, and Anti-Mass.
  • List of Secret Projects.
  • MIB.
  • Missing At Los Almos.
  • Moonbase Alpha.
  • Mystery Satellite.
  • Odd Things in the Sky.
  • Perfect Cover.
  • Remote Mental Manipulation.
  • Roswell.
  • Secret Experiments and Missing Persons.
  • UFO Bases.
  • UFO Design.
  • UFOs: Then and Now.
  • UFOs and the UN.
  • And Much More!


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